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“[Anthony] can be genial. He can be menacing. He can be sexy. He can do all of these things at the same time. I think he’s a very good actor, but I just don’t think that he’s had the film roles that he deserves. His success is limited by the imagination of the film industry. With really good actors, especially actors of color, the opportunities are fewer. Who will be brave enough to put him in a leading role instead of putting him in a supporting role?” Boston Globe film critic and Pulitzer Prize winner Wesley Morris on Mackie (UPTOWN magazine). 

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Awesome Game of Thrones Characters Reimagined as Arrested Development, Mad Men and Seinfeld Mashup Art by Vulture

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I was very disappointed in that scene from tonight’s Game of Thrones. It felt grossly out of place. Not only was it not book canon, it also didn’t fit Jaime’s character at all. I was left feeling unsettled throughout the rest of the episode. I wonder what GRRM has to say about it. 

Anonymous: You say Bucky is not a villain. Does the same hold true for Loki? 



This is a very complicated question (and I’m afraid I haven’t the time to give it the meta it deserves), but I would say the answer is yes and no.

Yes, Loki was most definitely the villain. How much of that was a result of his upbringing/his birth/his family/torture can be debated until the cows come home, but it doesn’t change the fact that he made the choices he made and now he has to live with the fallout. ((do i hold out hope that loki will eventually realise that he did wrong and seek redemption. do i voraciously devour every loki redemption fic i can get my hands on. do i put forth my loki-as-an-avenger au at every opportunity. HE CK YES but he still murdered people and tried to take away their freedom and that is not cool))

Bucky, in comparison, really was not in control of his own actions. He had no freedom to make his own choices - from the moment he fell he was brainwashed and tortured until he was completely under the control of his handlers. There was no free will involved in his choices until he began to break loose from the brainwashing - and I think everyone would agree that once he comes to his senses he’s going to feel horrifically guilty for every single thing he did as the Winter Soldier even though it wasn’t his fault. Loki, by contrast, seemed rather proud of his actions and only felt badly that he hadn’t succeeded.


I love Loki a lot and I want more than anything for him to realise that what he did was wrong but he was decidedly a villain. Bucky was brainwashed and did not make his choices of his own free will and is not a villain.



So, first, Loki is all about control - he wants to be in control, to take control away from those who have it, his biggest fear is not having that control.  He’s always, always three steps and a jump ahead of everyone else on the board.  Do his plans always work out?  No, but he still has ended his most recent arc sitting on a throne and laughing.  This is villain behavior.  What makes Loki such a wonderful character is what a magnificent little shit he is.  He’s certainly a character worth pitying at times, but not for long - Loki does not stay down long.  Sure, he failed at his genocide of the ice giants and probably got tortured by the alien dudes in Avengers, but, again, I reference the end of Thor 2.  With the throne and the laughing.

Then we have Bucky.  Bucky.  Oh, shit, Bucky Barnes.  I don’t even like the first Cap movie’s plot all that much but let me tell you my feelings about Bucky Barnes.  Rexy really hit the nail on the head because Bucky is never in control, even before he’s the Winter Soldier.  Bucky is drafted and sent to war, tortured, saved by the skinny kid he’s spent most of his life protecting who is suddenly this huge warrior, and sent tumbling off a train after trying to fight.  Then, of course, there’s the 70+ years of brainwashing and torture.  Bucky has no control.  Bucky is not the villain - he’s a gun, a weapon, he’s the attack dog that’s let off of a chain.  There is no choice or planning with him, he goes where he is pointed.  Watch Cap 2, the scene where they wipe him, and tell me that he is anything but a victim.  

Loki makes bad choices and then bad things happen to him but he still has the upper hand.  Bucky follows his best friend into war and is obliterated as a result.

Can we just.  Can we not with the Bucky and Loki comparisons?  They’re both great characters but they’re not similar like.  At all.  To try and shoehorn them into the same category completely undermines their individual character arcs.



steve and bucky discovering the future together 

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Pyro Board, A Fascinating Demonstration of Sound Waves Interacting With Sound Pressure Using Fire


holy shit


DUM-E tries to make friends with the new robot arm, doesn’t realize there’s a person attached to it

[6+7+8/➛ photos of Robert Downey Jr



bucky barnes high fiving a little boy with a right-hand arm prosthetic as gently as he possibly can with an arm that can literally rip off car doors without a creak

bucky barnes redesigning his arm so it represents more than what he used to be and seeing a little girl dressed up as him for the first time he can’t help but grin and tell her how great she looks

bucky barnes helping bring publicity to a fundraiser that’ll help kids get the prostheses they need and letting several children braid his hair because he still hasn’t cut it yet

bucky barnes spending some time with dementia patients (or amnesiacs) because he understands how lonely it is when everyone wants you to be someone you don’t remember being at all

quiet hero bucky barnes

bucky bringing dry erase markers with him when he visits sick kids and letting them draw on his metal arm




hello this is a text post in support of bucky barnes: accidental hipster, who wears steve’s huge plaid button-downs over natasha’s too-tight jeans and a pair of old doc martens sam was going to donate to goodwill, because those are the clothes that are around and who gives a shit? bucky barnes: accidental hipster, who goes out in steve’s plastic framed on-the-run glasses because he misses the eye protection his googles used to provide. bucky barnes: accidental hipster, who buys vinyl because he was born in 1917 and drinks his coffee black for the same reason. BUCKY BARNES: ACCIDENTAL HIPSTER. that’s all thank you goodbye




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Will Graham + 2x08 Su-Zakana


Who the hell is Bucky?